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Colmar ski wear is highly technical ski wear with great focus on functionality combined with immaculate Italian styling. Combined with the technical aspect, it's Italian cut. Colmar produce ski wear that sits slim on the hips and flatters the figure. Chic and perfectly tailored - in a way only the Italians can do.

Fabrics are researched and tested to meet the ever demanding mountain conditions. The garments use a variety of fabrics, some combine softshell outers with Down insulation and welded membranes for ultimate weather protection, others utilise stretch fabrics with a beautiful finish that move perfectly with the athlete together with cutting edge design.

Coming from a long history of working together with the top ski athletes, even today Colmar test their fabrics in wind tunnels to provide clothing that is as high-performance as possible.

With Colmar ski wear you are buying into a little bit of the Colmar legend.

A little piece of Italian history, the name Colmar has been synonymous with the great Italian skiers since the 1950’s.

The Italian national ski team were wearing Colmar ski suits as early as the 1960’s and over the years many Italian ski greats have worn Colmar ski wear, including Giant Slalom mega star Alberto Tomba ‘Tomba La Bomb’ and gold medal winner Deborah Compagnoni.

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Colmar have always had an interest in and alliances with national ski teams. In 2012 Colmar was the official supplier of the kit for Team GB which included Chemmy Alcott and currently are the official suppliers of the French Alpine Ski Team since 2011, Liechtenstein’s Ski Team and many young free skiers including the French National Ski Cross Team and young athletes like Luca Tribondeau and Richard Amaker.

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